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To view assessment roll click following link below.

Instructions and application for challenging your assessment will be available for you to print below .  Please have ALL necessary documents and the application RP524 filled out and turned into our office ASAP, so if it is necessary we can schedule appointments accordingly.  Grievance Day will be May 24, 2022
from noon-2pm and 6pm-8pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We are asking that applications please be submitted prior to May 24, 2022.


Revaluation Updates

Reassessment Project Video 1
Reassessment Project Video 2
Town of Bath 2018 Reassessment Project – Challenging Your Property Assessment
"2018 Reassessment Project information and Forms"
"GAR Appointment Scheduler"

GAR Press Release 2021
Press Release

Date: February 2021

Town of Bath Assessor

Announces Mailing of New Assessment Values

As part of the Reassessment Project, New Preliminary Full Value Assessments will be mailed to all Property Owners in the Town of Bath.

Town Assessor, Courtney Divens, announces beginning March 1, 2018, Disclosure Notices will be mailed to all property owners within the Town. Instructions will be included with each notice indicating the procedure for requesting an informal review, how to obtain forms and where to get information. Ms. Divens reminds property owners to focus on the full market value estimate. If you do not agree with this estimate AND can offer proof for a change, you can follow the process of filing a complaint. Informal reviews will be held during the month of March. Appointments will be required.

Information regarding property assessments, inventory data and sale information will be available beginning March 5th- 30th at the Dorman Library, 101 W. Morris Street in Bath, during regular business hours, or by visiting 

GAR Associates LLC (contractor for the project) will be offering informational workshops in March. The workshops will focus on how the assessments were determined; a review of the notice property owners will receive and how the informal review process works. Information regarding workshop registration will be included with the notices.